Sweet Easter

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Doves to
ancient grains
of Sicily


Discover the taste
of the new dough
and delicious creams

The ancient Sicilian grains Timilia and Russello give a particular and intense flavor to the “Colombe with ancient grains” of Dolce Sicilia. Created with mother yeast renewed daily by our expert leaveners, one is accompanied by exquisite hazelnut cream, the other by delicate pistachio cream. The creams are contained in piping bags.

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Doves than
the fruits
Sicilians make
it unique


Together with the classic colomba, with almonds and granulated sugar, at Easter we create and bake colombas enriched with special creams that the Dais pastry chefs prepare favoring Sicilian fruits, such as mandarins, almonds and pistachios, capable of giving the dough a velvety sweetness.


In the wake of Sicilian tradition, the mastery of our chefs is enhanced by fine ingredients such as Modica chocolate cream and icing and by unique combinations such as chocolate icing, chopped pistachios and cream, or Sicilian cassata with ricotta icing, candied fruit orange and chocolate.

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